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iPhone/iPod/iPad/ Blackberry repair service

30 Minute LCD / Digitizer Replacement
You might have dropped your phone or your child or pet might have confused your new iPad for a chew toy. What ever happened, we are here to help.
There's no reason to not see what's on the screen or not be able to tap parts of the screen. And in no situation should you walk around with jagged edge broken glass threatening your face and hands.
We keep the parts for most current models in stock and can have your connection to the world fixed and back in your hand in 30 minutes.
Water Damage
• One of the most destructive scenarios threatening your electronics is water damage. Once water gets inside it starts to corrode components. The damage might be visible instantly or might only start to show symptoms days, weeks or months later. In either situation, the outcome can range from a phone no longer holding a charge to the internal storage being destroyed. The latter meaning you would lose your data(contacts, messages, music and photos).
It is very important to act quickly to prevent serious damage. We use specialized equipment that was developed and tested over many years. We have an excellent success rate reclaiming phones from Neptune's grasp and we can help you.
Of course every situation is different but with Repair on 6th you know that you are in good hands.
Battery Replacement:
Do you charge your phone every night but the battery does not last as long as it did when you bought it? It's time to replace it.
Our technicians can replace your battery in minutes and have you enjoy using your phone for as long as you did when it was new.
Headphone Jack Replacement:
This is very common problem because we use it every day to listen to music and to talk over headset. We have headphone jacks for models of iPhone and iPod Touch and Blackberry available and in stock.

Power Jack Replacement
Lot of times power jack gets out of order and needs to be replaced. We carry power jacks for all Iphone models and it can be replaced so you can start using your device without fear of running out of power.

Blackberry Trackball
Blackberry trackball is main operating pointer in the unit and one of the main problem spots in BBs we carry new replacement units for all models and we'll we can replace it in no tame wheel you wait tin the store.

Blackberry keyboard
Blackberry keyboard have seen so many SMS messages and e-mail and sometimes some keys or whole keyboard stop working. Have no fear you'll be texting in no time we can replace it right on the spot. Our Professionals will replace it quick and safe with original part with best prices around!

Laptop/MAC/PC service

Mac Service
Apple 6th Avenue Services Specialize on all models and provide full aspect of hardware repairs on Mac laptops such as water damage, Keyboard, LCD screen, Body and motherboard replacement. Any kind of hardware upgrade and we repair all models of iPhone, iTouch and iPads whether it's a screen damage or battery replacement we will late care of your MAC. We can help you set up your new Mac and peripheral devices (printer, scanner, PDA, iPhone, hard drive, digital camera, etc.), build a network for your home or office, and get you online via cable, dial-up, wireless -- you name it. We cover basic introduction, customizing and optimizing your system, organizing your files, installing and learning applications, and troubleshooting -- and we’ll teach you loads of tips, techniques and shortcuts to make using your Mac more productive and enjoyable. Something wrong with your computer? Look no further we will diagnose and repair your computer and it will be ready for next day pick up or we can come to your home or place of business.

Laptop LCD Replacement
Do you have any problem with your laptop LCD screen? Well relax; you have reached one of the best places for LCD screen replacement.Repair on 6th is a computer repair and maintenance service providers based in heart of New York City. We are capable of handling all problems related to laptops and notebooks and specialize in LCD Screen repair and replacement. We offer LCD repair and service on all makes and models of laptops available in the world.

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair
Your laptop have a broken DC power jack? Repair on 6th is a repair company specializing in repair and replacement of broken and malfunctioning laptop DC Power jacks and sockets. We offer a full range of perfect laptop repair services designed to cater for your everyday needs at best prices. If you need to find a specific power connector, you've come to the right place in NYC. Based on6th Avenue, we are the best source for all types of laptop DC power jacks and provide our consumers, small businesses and educational institutions with expert laptop repair, PC computer repair, Internet and network solutions. Call us today for your DC power port repair, DC power input repair, DC power connector repair and DC power socket repair needs.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement
Are you facing problems with your laptop keyboard? Is it stuck or won’t function? The laptop keyboard is one among the most common malfunctioning items of a laptop. Repair on 6th is one of the most equipped IT service companies in New York City, providing best quality, fasts service, yet affordable solutions for a wide range of IT related issues. Laptop keyboard one of the specialty services that we offer and we can resolve all problems related to your entire keyboard unit.

Laptop Data Recovery
Data recovery by Repair on 6th is New York's foremost provider of data recovery services for failed hard disk drives in laptops, desktops, data servers, raid arrays and tape cartridges. We have industry level knowledge of all makes and operating systems including Windows Server, Linux, MAC and UNIX. Data Recovery by Repair on 6th specialist engineers understand the critical nature of your data and the high costs associated with business downtime. We recover data where other competitors have failed.

Laptop Upgrades
Trying to find specialist laptop repair and upgrade services can be quite frustrating. Have a disk drive that's not functioning, a cracked laptop screen, or need your laptop to perform faster? If the laptop is not under warranty and you don’t feel confident replacing some of the laptop parts yourself, you’ll have to locate a professional to do it. Stop worrying since Repair on 6th the King in the field of IT solutions - is at your service round the clock. We are a New York City based IT solution provider and specializes in Laptop repairs and upgrades.

Laptop Service Center
Finding it bothersome to secure genuine spare parts for your malfunctioning laptop? Or are you searching for a reliable laptop service center ? Well then, welcome to Repair on 6th. As a nationally renowned laptop service center in New York City, we use advanced technology to improve the life of your laptops. Our certified technicians provide quality repair service at rock bottom prices and you can place requests for reinstalling the operating system, installation and upgrading of various software and drivers and a host of other laptop services. Our Laptop service center in New York City serves large business firms, small and mid-sized companies, schools and individual laptop users.

Laptop Virus removal
As laptop viruses are more and more dangerous and more complex to eradicate, it is becoming very complicated for customers to deal with such virus threats on their laptops on their own. If you think that your laptop is infected with a virus or spyware, we, at Repair on 6th perform all types of virus removal and related services. Our world class solutions protect your computers and laptops at home and office against the latest and most complex virus attacks. We always strive to offer high quality Virus Removal services at competitive prices. Our Virus Databases are updated at hourly rate and we will protect you and you investments from external threads.

Laptop Motherboard Replacement
In some cases this need to be done. Do you wish to replace your laptop motherboard? Then we're here to help. Repair on 6th is recognized nationwide as a leading IT servicing company in New York City. Our commitment to providing a complete line of laptop repair services to satisfy your specific computing needs, including Laptop motherboard replacement. Backed by years of experience, we provide the smartest solutions in providing motherboard replacement that too at the most competitive rate and within fast turnaround time.

IT /Troubleshooting service

Data Transfer Backup and Recovery
• From personal pictures to all important documents all data are located on hard drives that get damaged by many different reasons age, water, static or just internal malfunction. Often data just getting lost because of bad part on disk (cluster) stop using disk immediately and we will recover and transfer to a brand new hard drive or other media of your choosing. We use military grade recovery software and where other fail we will recover your valuables

We work with most advanced hardware on market and if you need upgrade we can deliver. We work directly with component suppliers and we guarantee best price on all you hardware needs.
.Malware and Spyware Removal
Just last year according to FBI there been over 1.5 Million incidents where companies and people being targeted by viruses, malware and spyware that cased over 2 Billion in damages. Protect yourself and your information. We know how important this for you and we use hardware and software solutions to protect you infrastructure from Viruses and unwanted backdoor programs that can be on your computer right this second and you would not even know it. Act now and protect yourself.

Internet Security Protection and Firewalls
Internet is in our everyday business and life whether you want to send a e-mail to your business partner or just check your Twitter and share your day we all use it. No matter who you are we are all can be targeted at any time, our technicians will check your current status and provide best scenario for your needs. Big or small no matter we want you safe and we will provide state of the are technology to keep you safe from all bugs and hackers so you can have peace of mind when sending next important document with your computer.

Computer Networking
Certified networking technicians will come to your residence or office and will provide you with all networking needs including, back-up, security wireless surveillance, firewall and general network grid.

Preventive PC Maintenance and Optimization
No matter what you have all computers just like any car need to be maintained and well looked after. We developed protocols to insure that your computer will serve you well for many years. Most computer start fast and then for some reason go slow. There is nothing wrong with it and there is no reason to invest in new computer our technicians will make your computer just like new fast and errors free.